What's Happening!

June 20, 10am-4pm HS Pin Hitters Academy
Welcome Maryland!

June 20, 6:30pm 16Shannon

June 21st

  • 4:30pm 14Elsa
  • 6pm 13Tammy

June 22nd

  • 10am 16Ashley
  • 12pm 15Sherri
  • 1pm 16Ashley
  • 3pm 15Sherri, 15Kirk

June 23rd

  • 9:30am 16Shannon, 17Kevin
  • 12:30pm 14Elsa (LAST pr), 16Shannon, 17Kevin, 17Matt
  • 3pm CLUB Party !! players, parents, families
  • 4pm 13Mal, 13Tammy

June 24th

  • 6:30pm 13Tammy
  • 7pm 15Kirk, 15Sherri (LAST pr both)

June 25th

  • 6:30pm 16Shannon
  • 7pm 16Ashley

June 27th ~ 14Elsa @ NATIONALS!

  • 10am 17Kevin
  • 5pm 17Matt
  • 6:30pm 13Tammy  (LAST pr)
  • 7pm 13Mal  (LAST pr)

June 28th ~ 15s @ NATIONALS!

June 29th

  • 10am 16Ashley
  • 1pm 17Matt, 16Ashley scrimmage (LAST both)
  • 3pm 16Shannon scrimmage
  • 3:30pm 17Kevin scrimmage (LAST)

June 30th, 10am 16Shannon (LAST pr)

July 1st ~ 13s @ NATIONALS!

July 2nd ~ 17s @ NATIONALS!

July 3rd ~ 16s @ NATIONALS!

Colorado Juniors 
20th Season !!

RMR Ranking by age group:

2nd 18Kevin
4th 18Malia 

1st 17Kevin
4th 17Matt 
1st 16Shannon

4th 16Ashley 
1st 15Sherri 
4th 15Kirk
1st 14Elsa
5th 14G

1st 13Tammy
7th 13Mal

20th Camp Season!!

Visiting college coaches remaining:
MarylandCSU, Denver, Pepperdine

CoJrs Teams for 2019-2020
We are getting many inquiries for future CoJr teams!
Everyone should make themselves aware of RMR rules first

Now, how to be within the rules and be considered:


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11 of our 12 travel teams QUALIFY for USAV Nationals!
(ties all time MAX)
Congrats to ALL!

  • 16Shannon  16Open ~ BID
  • 15Sherri 15Open - BID
  • 14Elsa 14Open - BID
  • 13Tammy 13Open - BID
  • 18Malia  18USA ~ BID
  • 17Matt 17USA ~ BID
  • 13Mal 13National ~ BID
  • 17Kevin 17National ~ BID
  • 16Ashley 16National ~ BID
  • 15Kirk 15American ~ BID
  • 18Kevin 18American ~ BID

17 "Top 10" qualifier finishes this year !
10 in OPEN!


New to Colorado Juniors -- explore our site to find out more about us and our programs.

  • MS Camps/Clinics REMAINING
    • July 12th Setter Academy 10 spots
    • July 14th Passing/Defense Academy 13 spots
    • July 16th MS Hit Academy 10 spots
    • July 18th MS Def/SR 6 spots 
    • July 18th MS Serving 5 spots 
    • Aug & Sep Leagues
  • HS Camps/Clinics REMAINING
    • June 20th 2 spots
    • July 11th CSU All Hitters 2 spots 
    • July 14th Open Gym 21 spots
    • July 17th DU Setter Academy 14 spots
    • July 21st Pepperdine MB/RS Academy 18 spots
  • Rookies for Aug,Sep,Oct

ACES for ALL camps/clinics

16815 Mitchell Road, Monument CO

Colorado Juniors camps/clinics/leagues are open and we welcome any and all athletes -- any club/experience level.

Inquiries -- email cojrs1@gmail.com or
call Bill 719-661-4461

Private lessons always available - regardless of club affiliation!

King Soopers

The new process requires you to link your current King Soopers account to Colorado Juniors for credits after April 1st.

  • Sign in to your King Soopers account
  • Go to your account
  • Click on Community Rewards
  • Enroll in CoJrs, account # IF948

If you do not currently have a King Soopers account, just sign up for free and follow above to link.

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