What's Happening!

Jan 18-20, 6am Bus to Utah ; 17Jayne, 18Doug, 18Malia

Jan 18-19, 8am Challenge -- 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s

Jan 20 Scrimmages @ ACES

  • 8am 14Elsa
  • 9am 13Mal, 14Sarah, , 15Shannon, 16Sherri
  • 10am 16Matt
  • 11am 13Tammy
  • 5:30pm Rookies

Jan 21st

  • 5pm Development
  • 7pm 15Kirk, 16Sherri

Jan 22nd

  • 5pm Development
  • 7pm 13Mal,¬†16Matt, 17Kevin

Jan 23rd, 7pm 14Elsa, 15Shannon, 18Doug, 18Malia

Jan 24th

  • 5:30/7:15pm Aces League (Development)
  • 7:15pm 13Tammy, 13Mal

Jan 25th

  • 8am 16Sherri
  • 9am 15Shannon, 16Matt
  • 10am 17Jayne
  • 11am 18Doug, 18Malia
  • 1pm 13Tammy, 14Sarah, 14Elsa
  • 2pm 15Kirk

Jan 26th, RMR Pwr #2

  • 8am @ NORCO 18D, 18M, 17J, 16S, 14E
  • 8am @ Momentum 16M, 15S, 15K
  • 9am @ AFA 13Tammy, 13Mal
  • 1pm 17Kevin

CoJrs ranks #4 nationally
in athletes to college !!

Colorado Challenge
Jan 18-19

Welcome to all Clubs/Teams entered --
Especially the out of region programs!

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(Monday Invite)


ACES for ALL camps/clinics

16815 Mitchell Road, Monument CO

Colorado Juniors camps/clinics/leagues are open and we welcome any and all athletes -- any club/experience level.

Inquiries -- email cojrs1@gmail.com or
call Bill 719-661-4461

Private lessons always available - regardless of club affiliation!

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Pre Season Prep VB National Rankings

3rd 17Kevin
36th 15Shannon
38th 16Sherri

Honorable Mention
18Doug, 18Malia, 16Matt

RMR Power #1 mix

17Kevin 2nd Div 1
18Doug 4th Div 1
18Malia 3rd Div 2
16Sherri 3rd Div 3
17Jayne 4th Div 3
15Shannon Div 6 CHAMPS
16Matt 2nd Div 6
14Elsa 2nd Div 9
15Kirk 4th Div 11

13s Single Age

13Tammy Div 1 CHAMPS
13Mal 5th Div 1

14s Single Age

14Sarah 4th Div 1


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