College Alumni Update


Week 4 for :

Taylor Hamilton - UCCS - 20k/43% - RMAC offensive player of the week; ; Megan Hamstad - Sioux Falls - dbl/dbl; Kate Gibson - Ole Miss - 2 x dbl dbl; Marie Gillcrist -  Rhode Island - 9k/39%, conference defensive POW; Liz Reich - Portland St  - 9k/32%;  Santaisha Sturges - Metro St - dbl/dbl, 25k/30%; Haleigh Washington -  Penn St - 77%, All tournament; Alexa Smith -  Colorado  -  dbl/dbl x2, PAC 12 offensive player of week; Lindsey Jin - Mines -  14k/39%; Janice Jin - Mines - 16k/31%; Avery Nelson - Laramie - 16k/32%; Tara Stilwell - Ithaca - 8 dps; Kendra Swackenberg - Ft Lewis - dbl/dbl; Carinne Turner - North Florida - triple double; Audrey Cheng - Columbia - dbl/dbl; Alyssa Brinton - UCCS - dbl/dbl !

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Sept.26 Gym           Match
3pm SportsCenter1 Cuba/ECVA
3pm SportsCenter2 DominicanRepublic/ECVA
5pm SportsCenter1 CostaRica/Trinidad&Tobago
5pm SportsCenter2 Mexico/Guatemala
7p.m. SportsCenter1 USA/Martinique
7pm SportsCenter2 Canada/PuertoRico
3pm SportsCenter1 CostaRica/Martinique
3pm SportsCenter2 Canada/ECVA
5pm SportsCenter1 Mexico/ECVA
5pm SportsCenter2 Cuba/Guatemala
7pm SportsCenter1 USA/Trinidad&Tobago
7pm SportsCenter2 PuertoRico/DominicanRepublic
3pm SportsCenter1 Guatemala/ECVA-1
3pm SportsCenter2 PuertoRico/ECVA-2
5pm SportsCenter1 TrinidadTobago/Martinique
5pm SportsCenter2 Cuba/Mexico
7pm SportsCenter1 USA/CostaRica
7pm SportsCenter2 Canada/DominicanRepublic
4pm SportsCenter1 Quarterfinal 1
4pm SportsCenter2 Classification 7-10
6pm SportsCenter1 Quarterfinal 2
6pm SportsCenter2 Classification 7-10
3 p.m. SportsCenter1 Classification 5-8
3 p.m. SportsCenter2 Classification 9-12
5 p.m. SportsCenter1 Semifinal 1
5 p.m. SportsCenter2 Classification 9-12
7 p.m. SportsCenter1 Semifinal 2
7 p.m. SportsCenter2 Classification 5-8
2pm SportsCenter2 Classification 11-12
3pm SportsCenter1 Classification 5-6
4pm SportsCenter2 Classification 9-10
5pm SportsCenter1 Bronze Medal Match
6pm SportsCenter2 Classification 7-8
7pm SportsCenter1 Gold Medal Match

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Saturday Sep 23rd

  • 9am MS Leagues 6/7th
  • 10:30am MS Leagues 8th
  • 11am MS Sand League 6/7th
  • 12:30pm MS Sand League 8th
  • 2pm Women's SAND League

Sunday, Sep 24th

  • 11:30am Position Groups SR/Def
  • 1pm Position Groups Settine/Serving

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Colorado Juniors camps/clinics/leagues are open and we welcome any and all athletes -- any club/experience level.

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