Partnership with LOVB
Partnership with LOVB

Partnership with LOVB

Monument, CO (September 22nd, 2022) - Colorado Juniors Volleyball Club has partnered with League One Volleyball (LOVB)- a first-of-its-kind volleyball community, with a network of junior clubs across the country and a professional women's volleyball league.

LOVB is re-imagining the future of volleyball by building city-based professional volleyball teams with a foundation of enthusiastic junior volleyball clubs. LOVB believes that to build a strong professional league, community-level club support is critical and sees Colorado Juniors as providing an essential role in the process of building the professional volleyball scene in America. 

“Our mission is to create a better future for all current, future and past volleyball fans – increasing access to youth athletics for girls, building a career path for professionals, providing mentorship with world-class athletes, scholarship and networking opportunities, and so much more.”  Katlyn Gao, League One Volleyball. Authority Magazine interviewed Katlyn as part of a series called “Five Things I wish Someone Told Me Before I Became A CEO.” 

"Colorado Juniors has joined forces with LOVB to take our club to the next level and lay the foundation for a new professional volleyball league based in the United States," says Bill Peer, Colorado Juniors Founder. "I’ve been involved in club, college and professional volleyball for over forty years and I know that in order to build a strong professional league, club support is critical. We are excited about the ways professional volleyball can give back to our programs. Over the past 24 years, we have established Colorado Juniors as the premier place for volleyball in Colorado and have had incredible success in helping over 470 athletes achieve their goal of playing collegiately. Aligning with LOVB will empower us to continue that legacy, furthermore creating a path for our amazing young athletes to dream even bigger and continue their careers in a professional realm in the United States.”

This partnership will not change the gym culture or the high level of training that athletes are accustomed to when they participate with Colorado Juniors. The club’s intention of preparing high school athletes to compete collegiately will not change. Standard day to day operations will continue as Kevin Marquis and Tammy Shotkoski manage the club and Kaleena Davidson handles recruiting and social media, now with additional resources and support provided by LOVB. 

Coaches and athletes will have new opportunities to learn from the best coaches and former players in the sport of volleyball. Colorado Juniors will now have the backing and expertise to provide even more avenues to help athletes achieve their goals and grow the sport in Colorado. 


What is LOVB?

League One Volleyball will be the first professional volleyball league that is creating a clear club-to-pro path in the USA

Website: League One Volleyball (


What other clubs are part of LOVB?

Colorado Juniors is one of many clubs that have joined the LOVB club community. See the Complete List:

With a strong community of clubs, including Colorado Juniors, LOVB is propelling volleyball to new heights in the United States, creating an exceptional volleyball community, a brighter future for athletes and an expanded love for the game at all ages. 

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