MS Spring League athletes ONLY
COVID All Skills Sessions

All-Skills sessions—2  sessions of 2 hours each.

May 12 & 15, 5-7pm FULL
May 19 & 22, 5-7pm FULL
May 26 & 29 5-7pm  FULL

Lead coach will be Matt Bledig – for all sessions – with Kevin Marquis and Elsa Krieg as court coaches.

Each session will be limited to 16 athletes – only 8 on court 1 and 8 on court 4 – with a court coach

  • for abiding social distancing and sq ft ratio of 1 person per 200 sq ft (far below this)

All skills will be introduced and performed for volleyball development

  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Defense
  • Serving
  • Attacking
  • Transition
    • Defense
    • Offense

We would deduct $120 from your reimbursement, coming next week through Paypal – back onto your credit card.
Reimbursements will begin shortly after May 1st...THANK YOU for your patience!!

Please email to register for this All-Skills session, if you are interested.

Schedule by emailing with your dates/times

May 12 & 15 May 19 & 22 May 26 & 29
Tues, 5pm Tues, 5pm Tues, 5pm
Fri, 5pm Fri, 5pm Fri, 5pm
1 Anderson,J Beard, T Anderson,J
2 Beard, T Beckwith, E Boden, H
3 Beckwith, E Butler, R Ciolli, Gina
4 Beuhler, T Castellini, K Crawford, K
5 Crawford, Z Crossley, K Crossley, K
6 Gieske, K Easton, R Gieske, K
7 Grosteffon, M Eto, A Goetsch, K
8 Hollis, A Hollis, A Horky, K
9 Horky, K Kornahres, A Kilgore, Rylie
10 Howell, A Lane, M Knight, C
11 Knight, C LaPierre, M Michon, O
12 Phillips, K Nielsen, C O'Neill, M
13 Reeves, M Ressler, B  Reeves, M
14 Shell, J Shell, J Tornga, E
15 Tornga, E Voicu, K Voicu, K
16 Voicu, K Zirkle, E Yeaton, M