Middle School & High School Athletes


Camps/Clinics/Leagues are open and we welcome any and all athletes no matter club or experience level. See you on the court!

Dates are now established!

May 25, HS Open gym is FULL

May 27, HS Open gym has  6 spots remaining.

Jun 1-3, HS All Skills is FULL

Jun 12, HS Defense/SR  has  7 spots remaining.

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2021 College Coach Summer Camp Series

Check Out the Coaches Coming Summer 2021

  • June 4, Pin Hitters, Arkansas -- Macey Gardner
  • June 7, Middle/Right Sides, Coastal Carolina -- Deitre Collins
  • June 14, Defense & Serve Receive, Ft Hays -- Jess Atkins
  • June 15, D2 Showcase -- Metro St, Co Mesa, Ft Hayes, Washburn
  • June 18, College Experience, Denver Univ -- Tom Hogan
  • June 21, All Hitters, Metro State -- Jenny Glenn
  • June 22, Setters, Calif Bakersfield -- Giovana Melo
  • July 13, Liberos, CSU -- Emily Kohan

(ALL Camp sessions are limited to 48 athletes)
(Division II showcase and DU College Experience is limited to 12 MB, 12 Setters, 8 Liberos, 16 Pins.)

** DII Showcase and DU College Experience will provide position specific skill training before combining athletes of different positions into teams for competitive, game-like drills. HS Athletes Only- and recommended for those seriously looking to play at the collegiate level.


Colorado Juniors Coaching Philosophy

Our guarantee of coach to athlete ratio of 1:6 has been instrumental in player development over the years. The more feedback and skill repetition, the better!

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Skill acquisition is taught through:

  • demonstration
  • practice
  • demonstration again with key concepts pointed out
  • practice
  • repeat one key at a time

FEEDBACK is the most important variable in the learning process -- we will:

  • provide goals
  • provide targets
  • compete and provide rewards
  • precision praise or precision criticism stating specifics so it can be repeated

Athletes can best be developed if they:

  • pursue individual excellence and not "compare themselves"
  • don't feel judged -- see instruction as assessing their game
  • overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • motivation should not be to "please"
  • do things you have never done before

Major Concepts taught by position

Setters: footwork, tempo setting, net relativity, contact position, finger position, hand placement, decision making, transition, directing

Hitters: timing, arm swing, body placement, footwork, line shots, tempo shots, block reading, transition, acceleration

Blockers: movement, tempo sets, taking line vs cross court, footwork, read vs option, eye sequencing, hitter reads, loading, penetration

Defense/Passing: posture, preparation, covering, recovery, lateral movement, reading hitters

Our coaches WANT to coach and WANT to assist athletes in development -- this is evident in their enthusiasm and demonstrations! a great opportunity for each athlete to develop team and individual skills.

Some camps/clinics have restrictions based upon age and/or experience level -- this is so each athlete can maximize their experience -- NOT to "one up" on anyone else -- please adhere to these restrictions -- if anyone is misplaced, we will move them to the appropriate group/level to assist them and their fellow athletes in that particular session.