Middle School August & Sept Mini-Leagues

Looking for Training AND Game Play for your middle school aged athlete?

Register for our Middle School Mini-Leagues! Each league is 3 Saturday morning dates and will consist of 45 minutes of skill training and 45 minutes of actual game play!

Space is limited- register now! This is a great way to prepare for your upcoming middle school seasons!

August Mini-League
August 14th, 21st, 28th 9-10:30am

September Mini-League
Sept 11th, 18th, 25th 9-10:30am




2022 College Coach Summer HS Camp Series

Check Out the Coaches Coming Summer 2022- All Camps Held at ACES in Monument, CO!
- Get coached by College Coaches while in our gym in Monument, Colorado!

Coaches confirmed for 2022 !!
Dates areTBD

Setters  — Joy McKenzie, Long Beach St.
Pins — Macy Donathan, Arkansas
Libero — Stevie Robinson, Bakersfield
MB — Steve Greene, Texas A&M Corpus Christi
Def/SR — Lauren Tekavek, Wingate
All Hit — Reed Sunahara, W Virginia
D2 showcase:  Central Missouri, Wingate, Ft Lewis, __

Colorado Juniors Coaching Philosophy

Our guarantee of coach to athlete ratio of 1:6 has been instrumental in player development over the years. The more feedback and skill repetition, the better!

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Skill acquisition is taught through:

  • demonstration
  • practice
  • demonstration again with key concepts pointed out
  • practice
  • repeat one key at a time

FEEDBACK is the most important variable in the learning process -- we will:

  • provide goals
  • provide targets
  • compete and provide rewards
  • precision praise or precision criticism stating specifics so it can be repeated

Athletes can best be developed if they:

  • pursue individual excellence and not "compare themselves"
  • don't feel judged -- see instruction as assessing their game
  • overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • motivation should not be to "please"
  • do things you have never done before

Major Concepts taught by position

Setters: footwork, tempo setting, net relativity, contact position, finger position, hand placement, decision making, transition, directing

Hitters: timing, arm swing, body placement, footwork, line shots, tempo shots, block reading, transition, acceleration

Blockers: movement, tempo sets, taking line vs cross court, footwork, read vs option, eye sequencing, hitter reads, loading, penetration

Defense/Passing: posture, preparation, covering, recovery, lateral movement, reading hitters

Our coaches WANT to coach and WANT to assist athletes in development -- this is evident in their enthusiasm and demonstrations! a great opportunity for each athlete to develop team and individual skills.

Some camps/clinics have restrictions based upon age and/or experience level -- this is so each athlete can maximize their experience -- NOT to "one up" on anyone else -- please adhere to these restrictions -- if anyone is misplaced, we will move them to the appropriate group/level to assist them and their fellow athletes in that particular session.