Camps & Clinics

Camps/Clinics/Leagues are open and we welcome any and all athletes no matter club or experience level.

We staff our sessions with current and former Colorado Juniors coaches and players. Additionally we secure collegiate coaches to maximize your camp experience!

Our guarantee of coach to athlete ratio of 1:6 has been instrumental in player development over the years. The more feedback and skill repetition, the better!

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Skill acquisition is taught through:

  • demonstration
  • practice
  • demonstration again with key concepts pointed out
  • practice
  • repeat one key at a time

FEEDBACK is the most important variable in the learning process -- we will:

  • provide goals
  • provide targets
  • compete and provide rewards
  • precision praise or precision criticism stating specifics so it can be repeated

Athletes can best be developed if they:

  • pursue individual excellence and not "compare themselves"
  • don't feel judged -- see instruction as assessing their game
  • overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • motivation should not be to "please"
  • do things you have never done before

Major Concepts taught by position

Setters: footwork, tempo setting, net relativity, contact position, finger position, hand placement, decision making, transition, directing

Hitters: timing, arm swing, body placement, footwork, line shots, tempo shots, block reading, transition, acceleration

Blockers: movement, tempo sets, taking line vs cross court, footwork, read vs option, eye sequencing, hitter reads, loading, penetration

Defense/Passing: posture, preparation, covering, recovery, lateral movement, reading hitters

Our coaches WANT to coach and WANT to assist athletes in development -- this is evident in their enthusiasm and demonstrations! a great opportunity for each athlete to develop team and individual skills.

Some camps/clinics have restrictions based upon age and/or experience level -- this is so each athlete can maximize their experience -- NOT to "one up" on anyone else -- please adhere to these restrictions -- if anyone is misplaced, we will move them to the appropriate group/level to assist them and their fellow athletes in that particular session.


2021 College Coach Camps

(ALL Camp sessions are limited to 48 athletes)
(Division II showcase is limited to 12 MB, 12 Setters, 8 Liberos, 16 Pins)

  • June 4, Pin Hitters -- Univ Arkansas Macy Gardner
  • June 7, Middle/Opposites
  • June 14, Setters
  • June 15, D2 Showcase -- Central Missouri, Co Mesa,
  • June 18, Defense & SR -- Pepperdine Tara Hittle
  • June 21, All Hitters -- Pepperdine Tara Hittle

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designed for the player that wants to work/learn concepts for each and EVERY skill involved in volleyball -- passing, setting, hitting, blocking, serving are individual skills taught -- additionally, team concepts for defense, offense, transition, serve receive and additional topics on weight training and nutrition. GREAT for the beginner and/or refresher for 7.5 hours of training. Good prep for club / MS / HS tryouts.

Hitting/blocking -- defense/passing -- setting (two hour sessions)

these 2 hour sessions will be grouped into approximately 4 levels to assist each athlete in skill acquisition --- they are good for the beginner through the more experienced player -- the same basic drill will be modified by group to maximize each athletes development. These are also good if players are considering "changing" positions, or exploring new ones - to get them exposure to the skill and see if they like it!

Middle School Hitting -- defense - passing -- serving -- setting (having attended the setting academy is required for registration into the tempo setting 2 hrs)

these 2 hour position group sessions will be limited to only 6 athletes by skill acquisition -- these smaller groups are run by our 14/13's lead coach -- good exposure to an individual coach as well as our age level coach


these sessions are for the more experienced/dedicated athlete and are very position specific -- again, each session will be divided into approximately 4 groupings to assist each athlete in skill acquisition -- if you have not attended one of our 2 hour sessions in the past or are not playing club, you should NOT start with these sessions, as they will draw upon those experiences/levels of play. The HS academies are designed for HS JV and varsity athlete. incoming freshmen should consider the MS academies also - depending on experience level. Especially setters - rising freshmen are encouraged to first do the MS setting academy, and then the HS setting academy (last year the rising freshmen all had great experiences who did both).

Libero School will be a continuation of the defense and passing academy but will have a more specific focus on the role and training of the libero. An emphasis will be placed on defense, passing, serving and setting bail out sets. Training will focus on increasing the range of the libero - both defensively and passing. Individual skill work will include specific movements while pushing the libero to cover more ground. Key concepts of the libero role will be included and the gym time will be intense. high school sophomore, juniors and seniors only. freshmen should do the hs defense/passing academy first.

D2 College Coach Stations - 3 hours

Each session/date will have 4 college coaches working stations for 25 minutes each x4, then team play with stationary positions and the college coaches rotating each court every 15 minutes. These sessions will be limited to: 10 libero/DS, 12 middle blockers, 16 pin hitters and 10 setters ---

Court 1 = middle blockers
Court 2 = pin hitters
Court 3 = libero/defensive specialists
Court 4 = setters

Each college coach will have 25 minutes with a group, then rotate to next group x4
Following the 4 rotations, 4 courts of teams will play (coach initiated) for 15 minutes  each-- coached by rotating college coaches.

2021 Coaches --

IF this session is as popular as we believe it will be, an addition session could be added.



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MS Leagues -- indoor

each league session will have 30-36 minutes of skill instruction, followed by coach guided play with feedback during play. teams will be changed each session to assist athletes in communicating with new teammates, and to learn and play new positions. These are great prep for school and club tryouts. You sign up as an individual, and are placed on teams each session to compete. score is not kept - but the girls are kept VERY busy!

Middle School Spring League

What is MS Spring League --

  • Tues or Wed practice 5-6:30pm with 2 matches each Friday from 5:30-7:15pm (double round robin)
  • Apr 6 - May 28th
  • 8 weeks of training and play with an upper and lower bracket tournament on final date of May 28th
  • 8 teams with 8 players per team -- equal playing time
  • Kevin Marquis & Elsa Krieg are lead coaches for training nights
  • Referees included
  • Playing shirt included
  • $450 total season cost

MS Spring League Director, Kevin Marquis 719-466-7494 for any questions


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