Colorado Challenge
15th Annual
January 19-21, 2019
A 3-day qualifier like format - for 13's,14's, 15's and 16's teams only -
guaranteed seven matches -- and R1's provided.
  • (12) teams in each age group 13-16s
  • 13's division and 14's division- both at ACES (16815 Mitchell Rd, Monument, CO 80132)
  • 15's division and 16's division -- both held at Palmer Ridge HS (19255 Frontage Rd, Monument, CO 80132)
  • 14/16's AM, 13/15s PM
Great early season warm-up tournament and same age competition!

TOURNAMENT T-SHIRTS for sale at both locations

2018 field - 15 different clubs represented -- and teams from three different regions!

Gym rules:

  • Palmer Ridge HS: plenty of seating; you can have food inside but cannot bring tables inside (lots available in the cafeteria though - outside is fine;
    tournament t-shirts available - until we run out! Plenty of parking!!!!!
  • ACES: no chairs allowed on the sport court, bleachers are available; you can have food inside but no tables inside - outside on patio is fine; tournament t-shirts available. Plenty of parking - during the session changes could be tight - don't come too early!!!!!

Hotels:  special room rates and room blocks already set up!  Link below

YOU choose........stay if you wish policy! be sure to mention colorado juniors room rate!

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More Information: Colorado Juniors, Bill Peer 719-661-4461 ; or

Entered teams:

16s: CoJr 16Shannon, CoJr 16Ashley, CVA 16, Altitude 16, Diff 16, Premier 16, Ballistic 16, 303VBA 16A, CO Summit 16s, Elevation 16, New Mexico Premier 16s*

15s: CoJr 15Sherri, CoJr 15Kirk, CVA 15, Altitude 15, Diff 15, Premier 15, Ballistic 15, 303VBA 15A, Elevation 15, New Mexico Premier 15s*

14s: CoJr 14Elsa, CoJr 14Gail, CVA 14, Altitude 14, Premier 14,  303VBA 14A, Elevation 14, Relentless 14, Five Star 14s, Ballistic 14s, New Mexico Premier 14s*

13s: CoJr 13Tammy, CoJr 13Mal, CVA 13,  303VBA 13A, Elevation 12s, Elevation 13-1, Elevation 13-2, Alititude 13s, Rocky 13s, Coalition 13-1, Coalition 13-2, Five Star 13s, New Mexico Premier 13s*

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