Development League

Development League
Boys & Girls Age 12-16 

Practice & Game Experience To Prepare for Club and School Teams

Boys & Girls Age 12-16



"Who is this program designed for?"

This is for 12-16 year old athletes who :

  • need or want more game experience (play time is guaranteed, and players will play all the way around)
  • cannot commit the time or financial resources for full time club
  • want to be part of the Colorado Juniors program, but did not make the 16's, 15's, 14's or 13's traveling team/or are still young but want to make a team in the future
  • want to get experience now (and before HS) so they can make their school teams
  • 21 girls on travel teams this coming season played in our development program

"What is the program?"

The program has 16 teams of eight players only on each team - 128 total athletes. They will practice twice a week starting the week of Nov 29th (Mon or Tues or Wed - 5:00 to 6:30pm and Fri nights - either 5:30 to 7:00 or 7:15 to 8:45pm) at ACES. We do take a break for the holidays.

Each player will choose which practice night (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) works best for them on the registration page.  The practice night will stay the same throughout the season.  They will learn the basic skills (serving, passing, defense and attacking) from Colorado Juniors coaches, learn team concepts, and learn life skills -- time management, timeliness, and sportsmanship.

They will compete in the ACES Power League - a local league which competes 7 times, Dec - Feb.  Each team will have their own coach. League matches are on Friday nights 5:30-8:30pm - and held at our own ACES facility, in Monument. On Friday league nights, the teams will play instead of practice. They will be in one of two waves (playing your similar skill level) on Friday nights - wave one starts at 5:30pm and wave two starts at 7:15pm.  Based on wins and losses from the previous week, teams may play in different Friday night waves as the season progresses.  This program finishes on Friday, Feb 25th.

"What is the cost?"

The cost for the season is $750

COVID rules and regulations may require us to modify dates/timeframes for our activities.  We will do everything to make sure you get your monies worth.  Refunds are possible on a case by case basis, just contact us 

"What does the cost include?"

For your fees you will receive:

  • 3 hours a week, for 11 weeks, of solid fundamental coaching and training
  • entry fee for ACES Power League
  • exposure to strength and conditioning for volleyball
  • uniform jersey and spandex
  • team picture and roster on Colorado Juniors web site
  • a post-season evaluation of your skills/potential on the final league date
  • pizza party after your last practice day
  • a fun time and great experience!

"Are there tryouts for this program?"

NO tryouts -- 128 total athletes will be a part of this growing program -- the FIRST 128 ONLY -- wait listed after full!

"Who Coaches This Program?"

2021-2022 Development Coaches: (Lead Coaches: Kevin Marquis, Elsa Krieg) Malcolm Grimes*, Tammy Shotkoski*, Emily Broerman* (x2?), Deedra Foss*, Bailee Jackson*, Hannah Kreimier* (Mon), Sarah Woolfolk, Brooke Hyland, Rachel Greek, Millie Leonard, Jessie Duytschaever



ALL practices and matches will be held at ACES facility in Monument.

More questions? Call Development Director, Kevin 719-466-7494 , emailkevin -- or go to our website for more information.