Colorado Juniors


What has Colorado Juniors done recently?
Answer: In 2023, CJ sent 10 teams to USAV Nationals in qualified divisions and our 16Open team WON the 16USA divison. In 2022, CJ sent 9 teams to USAV Nationals in qualified divisions. Our 15USA team WON the 15Patriot division at Nationals and our 14Open team medaled in the 14National division. In 2021, CJ qualified 12 out of 12 teams to USAV nationals! We help our athletes achieve their goal of competing at the collegiate level . Check out our full list of alumni here.

What is our position on multi-sport athletes?
Answer: We HIGHLY endorse other school sports. We do ask for communication between both sports coaches -- as to potential conflicts with practices/matches. We understand last minute changes and will work with each athlete and their team to move practices to accommodate multi-sport athletes. National Qualifiers MUST be attended, however

Are all the teams already hand-picked and tryouts are closed?
Answer: We try to identify some athletes at each age group we think can improve our teams. ALL ages need positions filled EVERY year to stay competitive at a national level. Our team selections are OPEN!  If any player is already "on the team", we will make that information available. Last year we had 40% new (to Colorado Juniors) players on our teams; and over 65% of our players come from outside of Colorado springs/monument area.

Do you actively recruit to your club?
Answer:   We are always evaluating athletes that we feel would help our program.  We evaluate players from our camps and leagues. we also see players in high school, middle school, open gym, our prep clinics! If you are interested in playing for Colorado Juniors - come to camps/clinics/open gyms!  (plan on coming to an open gym early!)

Is it true you only practice twice a week?
Answer: Yes, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and then on Saturday. We have team training on Mondays  - 1x month (approx). Having our own building also helps us offer more flexibility in practice times and individualized training, if needed/wanted. Practices are efficient - no wasted time, no extra meetings going into the night, etc. If players WANT more time in the gym - they are welcome to come every night, and train with another team, or do doubles on the weekends!

How do you stay competitve with other clubs that practice more often?
Answer: We believe with committed athletes, parents and coaches, we can and do compete. In just 20 years, we have shown this works! 134 Colorado Juniors teams have gone on to Junior Nationals (55 in the open division, two national titles -- 2005 & 2014) and we've won forty (40) RMR regional championships - the most of any club in the region since colorado juniors began.

Is it true some players commute 4 hours to practice?
Answer: The longest commute we had was actually 3 hours, 30 minutes (one-way, with good weather) to practice from alamosa. Swink is the furthest southeast, Brewster, KS is the furthest to the east and Glenwood Springs is the furthest to the west - so far! We also have and have had several players from middle park (2.75 hrs one way).

Do you assist players with the recruiting process?
Answer: We believe recruiting is a 2-3 year process beginning at 15's and a significant portion of our job as club coaches/directors. We work at getting each athlete the best fit athletically and academically - for no additional charge. We assist in making the video, we personally call/email any school you are interested in, plus we follow-up at tournaments. It is marketing, and there's no one better at it than Colorado Juniors. Club volleyball is a means to the end of a successful collegiate volleyball career and scholarship. Currently we are 5th all-time nationally! To date over 490 athletes! We've also assisted many athletes that decide to transfer for whatever reason to new schools. 

How do you handle team travel?
Answer: Each team member is allowed to get to the tournament any way she can (frequent flyer miles, non-rev, different itinerary to do college visits, etc.) Players may also stay with their parents at hotels (or with friends). 

How much do you charge additional for Junior Nationals?
Answer: Last season we did not charge any additional fees - we plan to continue this. athletes will have to purchase their own air and hotel. if the 13USA or 14USA teams qualify, there will be a small fee to cover coaches costs, entry, etc. Last year $525

Do your players receive individual feedback from coaches?
Answer: yes! mid-season every coach and player have a one on one session to go over where the player stands, field questions, and tell them what they need work on. Also an end of season written evaluation by each coach for each player, and club director comments, is emailed to each athlete - along with an end of season survey for parents/players to fill out and return to the club.

How many girls do you keep on a team?
Answer: Teams will aim to have 10-12 players.

Are there any fundraising opportunities, and are they mandatory?
Answer: None of our fundraising activities are mandatory. Any fundraiser you want to organize will be endorsed, within reason. We use the king soopers/safeway fundraiser year round - 2% back on all grocery purchases. RMR scholarships can be applied for also, after making a team. If special payment plans need to be made, after tryouts, these can also be arranged.


If you have any other questions - please feel free to email us