Colorado Juniors
Fast 4’s Tournaments

Fast 4’s Tournaments

Fast Fours

Fast Paced 4v4 Tournaments


Who is this program for?

Athletes who want to compete! Put together a team of 4 and play timed rounds.

What is the time commitment?

Approximately 1.5 hours- Friday Nights

What is the price?
$120 per team ($30 x 4players)
1st place team will win a prize!



Tournament Format and Rules
Teams will be randomly seeded onto initial courts. After a short warm up period, teams will compete for 13 minute rounds. The team with the highest score moves up one court (toward Court 1) and the losing team moves down one court. The team that wins the last round on Court 1 is the tournament winner.
Rules and Expectations
  • Teams must follow a serving order but athletes do not have to rotate to different positions on the court.
  • All players are available to hit front row
  • No open hand tipping is permitted
  • Teams must keep their own score. Athletes should call out the score before EVERY serve.
  • Teams will self officiate. Athletes should call their own violations (net violation, double contact, etc.)
Parents- please let your athletes keep score and problem solve on their own!