Faith Horton

Graduation Year: 2020 (Junior)
Cell Number: 719.360.6762

Jeff Horton 719.321.4902 E-mail:
Denise Horton 719.232.5986 E-mail:


Colorado Crossroads- Highlights from Colorado Crossroads

Colorado Powers 2 - Highlight of recent Powers Tournament


·Height: 5’ 7"
·Position: Libero

 Club Volleyball:

2018-2019 18s Libero/DS Colorado Juniors VBC

2017-2018 17s Libero/DS Colorado Juniors VBC. #11

·         17U Nationals in Detroit Michigan

·         Team champions Minneapolis Qualifier

·         Captain of 17U team

2015-2017 16s Libero/DS Colorado Classix VBC

High School Volleyball:

Sophomore Year (16/17):

·         Varsity; Libero/DS, #11

·         Honors: August 23 2017 “Player of the Match”

Freshman (15/16):

·         Junior Varsity Libero; #2

·         Honors: MVP


Cumulative 3.4 GPA

Goals:  I dream of attending a great college on a volleyball scholarship; maintaining a GPA of 3.4+; and continue to grow as an individual and volleyball player.


·         Traveling and being active in school, church, and community

·         Spending time with friends and family

·         Eventually pursuing a coaching opportunity

·         Impacting those less fortunate- this year I had the opportunity to go on a child sponsor trip to Guatemala.  I visited children and families in their homes and villages.  I saw what it means to not have basic needs met. I would like to continue to help those less fortunate and to bring hope into their lives.

Academic Interests:

·         Attend a 4 year public or private University

·         Interest in majoring in Criminal Justice or related study