Several Colorado Junior coaches are available for private and semi-private lessons as independent contractors.   The ACES facility is very flexible, allowing for lessons to be scheduled at times convenient to both player and coaches.

Players from any club or not club players, are permitted to contract with coaches.  Interested athletes would contact the coach directly and the coach will schedule court time(s).  Coaches will be paid directly for lessons received.

Private lessons are $75 per hour with semi-private lessons (up to 3) being reduced by $10 off per additional athlete. For example, if you have a 3 person group, each athlete is $55 per hour.

SAND Private lessons are $60 per hour with doubles lessons @ $80 per hour per doubles team. 

After scheduling a lesson, should a conflict arise, please contact the coach via cell phone to cancel.  If you fail to contact or do not leave at least 4 hours notice, you must still pay in full for the lesson before scheduling again.  Failure to pay will restrict player from any future activities at ACES.

Contact information is below and coordination is through the coach directly.  Coach biographies are available on our coaches page.