Colorado Juniors
Mini League

Mini League


Athletes Age 11-13

Who is this program for?

Athletes with some experience who are looking to use their skills in game like settings. Athletes will train a specific skill first and then work to showcase that skill in game like drills. Highly recommended that athletes have participated in our Rookies program before registering for Mini-League. Athletes can participate in both Rookies and Mini-League!

Mini-League helps prepare young athletes for game play by using a combination of volleyball skills and catching/throwing to create longer rallies and points.

Week 1: Serve, Catch, Catch, Throw

Week 2: Serve, Catch, Set, Throw

Week 3 and 4: Serve, Catch, Set, Live Over
** some groups may progress to Serve, Pass, Set, Live Over

What is the time commitment?

The commitment is 1 month (4 sessions). No pro-rated or partial months available.

Thursday 5pm-6:30pm

What is the price?
$120 per month (6 hours in the gym)
Athletes will receive a T-shirt