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Parent References

Parent References

Parent references
Feel free to contact any or all of them!

First year parent questions - what can I expect throughout a club season, How do you choose a club, how is the money handled, is it worth it, how much travel, what's it all about, rumors, why play club?

Amy Hand -- 303-525-4038

Chad Novak --

Considering changing clubs questions - what is different, is it more expensive, how is travel handled, do they help with recruiting, are the coaches qualified and provide good role models?

Rod & Renee Heinemeyer - daughters at different clubs - 303-726-3205

Danielle and Alecs Washington (1 daughter, played elsewhere first, and some basketball) - 303-854-8487

Kristen Wenstrom,

Todd and Jennifer Evans (2 daughters, both played at other clubs) - 2013/2015 HS grads - 719-432-8808

Ed Gillcrist, 303-908-7103

Been involved with club/s forever - is it worth it, how do you handle different kids at different clubs, how do you manage tournaments, how do you afford it, do they really help with recruiting?

Val Felix - 719-331-0136

Does Colorado Juniors REALLY allow girls to play other sports, how do the girls stay up with school work if they do multiple sports and club volleyball?

Paul Vander Ploeg (1 daughter who did HS three sports) - 719-491-2627

Janice Kosbab (2 tennis daughters) - 719-290-3214

Commuting! How does Colorado Juniors handle the long commuters, are they reasonable, is it worth the drive?

Mark and Jenny Krieg - Middle Park/granby (2.5 hours) - 970-531-0016

David Feek -- Middle Park - 970-531-2144

Janice Phelps - conifer (1.5 hours) - 562-221-1363

Jerry Hughes -- Golden -- 720-490-7075

Todd swackenberg - brighton (1:30) - 720-371-1061