2020 Season

18DougS | 18Malia | 17Kevin | 17Jayne | 16Sherri | 16Matt

15Shannon | 15Kirk | 14Elsa | 14Sarah | 13Tammy | 13Mal

Interpreting statistics:
Kill % is determined by subtracting errors from kills, then divided by total attempts.

Serving average
is a measure (from 0 to 4 max) on how difficult the serve was to pass. 4 pts are awarded for an ace, 3 for a serve in which the setter could only set one player, 2 pts if the setter could set 2 players, and 1 point if the setter could set 3 or more of her players, and zero for an error (team goal is 2.0 and greater).
Passing average is computed the same as above, with 0 pts awarded for a passing error (goal of 2.0 or better).
Digs are tallied for digging, and keeping in play, any hard driven ball or tip.
P/G is total Digs divided by Games played for Digs per Game average
Blocks are tallied if the block results in the end of the play. If two players combine on a block, both players are credited with a block