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USAV required Club Travel Policy

Please check your Playmetrics account for specific travel information for this season.

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Colorado Juniors Travel Policy

Travel (Flights or Driving) 

Families are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from a tournament. Your child’s airline costs are NOT included in her fees. We encourage families to find the most cost effective method for them.

Athletes need to be in the tournament city at a decent hour (please, no red eye flights) the day before the tournament begins.

Athletes should plan to leave the tournament city no earlier than 6pm on the last day of the tournament.

**Finals are scheduled for 2pm or 3pm!  Book late flights and you can always try to get on an earlier flight if the day ends earlier than expected.


Colorado Juniors will have a club block with rooms available at each tournament. Families are NOT required to stay with the club. We encourage families to find the most cost effective method for them.

Colorado Juniors will book all hotel rooms for families to ensure all minimum requirements and deadlines are met. In order to do this, each team will have a “travel parent” who will help collect hotel needs and payment information from each family. Travel parents are there to act as a liaison between the parents and Tammy when dealing with travel. They are not there to be the errand running/dinner planner/Uber driver for your team. Please use their services appropriately.

Questions or Issues

Check the travel page for you team (found in Playmetrics) for that trip. Hotel information and general tournament information will be posted there and the pages are updated regularly! You are responsible for making sure your hotel needs are listed correctly!

Contact your travel parent. Do not contact a hotel directly to modify or cancel a reservation (you may call to add your rewards number or add a name to your reservation). Hotels do not have our reservation until 1 week before the tournament. Any requests for additional rooms, modifications or cancellations need to go through your travel parent.