2019 Travel

All trips, for all of the teams below.
  • If you notice a discrepancy in YOUR plans
    • please contact your travel mom to get it straightened out never call a hotel or airline directly
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE SURE your requests are correct BELOW!
  • All flights are in/out of Denver International Airport
  • Judy will check in ALL groups
    • individuals only need to go to kiosk at DIA to get boarding pass.
  • Group tickets can have one name change per ticket - 72 hrs or more prior to travel; NO other itinerary changes allowed


USAV required Club TravelPolicy | Parent Travel Payment - if a parent wants to buy a group ticket

Nashville Qualifier
Jan 19-21, 2019
18K +bill/18M

Flight (final sent 10/24 - need to do name change):
Jan 18 - Den - Nashville - 3:55pm - 7:15pm
Jan 21 - Nashville - Den - 6:45pm - 8:45pm
32 seats total



18Malia: Petty A, Wolverton B, Ellis A, Putnicki B, Spitzer B, Horton A, Wilkinson A, Buckley A - 8 (no Tidwell, Hayden, Cid)

Coaches: Kevin A,  malia A, Kara A, (Bill on separate confirmation, same flights) - 4

Parent seats limited: $320 (does not include ground transp) - first come first get -- Rob Phillips B, Joi Phillips B, Dave Feek B, Blake Thomason (REHW85), Kelly Dillon B, Tony Sciacca B, Lara Lane B, Stefanie Feek B , Traci Bartalo B, Matt Lane B, James Larson B - 32

Hotel : Marriott Renaissance -- $235 plus tax (THS)

18Kevin: 11 rooms -  one per family

18Malia: Petty, Cid, Wolverton, Ellis +grace, Putnicki , Tidwell, Buckley, Horton, Spitzer - 9

Coaches: Malia/Kara, Kevin/Bill - 2

Local Transportation - TBD - 22 people

Triple Crown - NIT
Kansas City, MO
17's/16's/15S/14E/ +Bill
Feb 16-18, 2019

NO college camp participation prior to tournament! 

Flight - two options - know which flight you are on:

Option A - 45 seats (final due dec 29):
Southwest Feb 15 - 830am - 1:45pm ; return Feb 18  9:30pm - 1020pm

Coaches:  B Peer, J Peer, Krug, Vang, Krieg

17Kevin - King,Goodman, Davis,A, Reinkensmeyer, Davis C -   (no Marshall, campion, mejia, borgerding, hollis, mallory)
17Matt - Wilson, Mullens, Zehnder,  Weathers
16Shannon - Booth, Gomez, Kadel, Simpson, wisneski -  (no Kinney, winkleman, anthony, vezzani, dunn)
16Ashley -  Waltz, Majka, Davis, Johnson, Mchaelson (no kim, lambos, della rossa, little, anderson, peeples )
15Sherri - Anders, Kahns, Rice, Pulling, , Hyland

Parents:  Deborah Rice,  Marty Anders, Sarah Davis,  Brenda Pulling, Patricia Hyland, Catherine Wisneski, Carolyn Barnett, Angelina Mullens,  Rebekah Goodman, Amelia Reinkensmeyer, Robrandon Bee,  Keisha Booth, Matt Majka, Darrin Kadel, Michiyo Miller, Nolan Miller - 45

Option B - 27 seats (reduced Oct 31st -- final names/pay dec 28):  F7W18C, IVZHE2
United  Feb 15 - 8:05am - 10:48am ; return Feb 18  6:35pm depart - through Houston - arrive in Denver - 11:22pm (carry on bag is free, checked bags are $30 each way)

Coaches: Marquis, Sullivan, Bledig, Rodgers,  Jackson, Hawkins,

17Matt -  Marx, Plant - (no - mckim, olson, meehan, dillon, Mcmoore)
14Elsa -  Clancy, Van Wyk, Woodring, Nott, Roshek  - 5 (no- kisting, cranford, j johnson, c johnson, sokol)
15Sherri -  Dowd, Greek, Pollard, White, Seliskar  - 10 (no cranford)

Parent tickets: -- Gwen Clancy, Bridget Marx, Catherine Greek, Meredith Van Wyk, Stacy Roshek, Amy Dowd, Mike Dowd, Susan Plant, Deena Woodring

Teams will practice on Friday night.

Phelps coming late:  SW 09:10 PM ,LDOLEC (return 6:20PM) (remaining coaches on group flights)
Zane coming late:  SW 09:10 PM , T2RKL6, (return 3:10PM) (remaining coaches on group flights)

Hotel: Crown Center Sheraton, $153 per night +18.1% taxes -- 60 doubles, 8 kings (submitted 10/30) (changed to 7 kings 11/5)

It is one mile from the venue.  There is a free trolley that picks up 2 blocks from our hotel that goes directly to the convention center - or we can Uber/Lyft as well.  Plenty of eating places down town and near hotel. Rooming list due Jan 12th...

Coaches: Bill/Judy (king), Krug (king), Kevin/Trevor, Matt/Chris, Ashley/Sarah, Sherri/Bailee, Elsa/Candace - 5 dbl/2 king) - 7

17Kevin: Mejia, King, Goodman (king), Davis A, Reink..., Hollis, Campion, Jeffries (king), Davis C - 7 dbl/2 king  (no Borgerding/Mallory)
17Matt - Wilson, Marx, Lopez (mcmoore),  mckim, Dillon, Zehnder (king), Meehan, Plant, Weathers/Bee, Olson - 10 (no mullens)
16Shannon - Anthony, Booth, Dunn, Gomez, Kadel,  Simpson, Vezzani, Winkelman, Wisneski, Wisneski - 10
14Elsa - Kisting, Cranford, Van Wyk (knig), Johnson J, Woodring, c johnson, nott/roshek, Clancy, Sokol - 9
16Ashley - Majka, Anderson, Waltz, Peeples, Lambos, Kim, Michaelson, Della Rossa, Davis, Little, Johnson - 11
15Sherri - 10 families want rooms - Rice (king)- Anders 2 - 11 (no cranford)

Omaha - President's Day tourney
Feb 16-18, 2019

Transportation: All players and coaches will ride the bus TO Omaha (you can return with your parents - do not plan on leaving before 5pm).  The bus will leave the Monument park and ride at 6am sharp; and pick up near 6:30am at the NE corner of Lincoln and I-25 (hilton garden inn) - and then straight to Omaha.  The teams will practice in Omaha after arrival. Bus arranged 11/2.

Only 7 - round trip -  parent seats available for $135 - first $ in first get -- Kate Leonard, Diane Rekar, Brenda Roseberry, Elizabeth Golob, Michelle Major  -  2 left

Bri flying after work SW 7:55pm  LXGE8P

Hotel: Hilton Omaha - connected to the venue.  48 rooms 30 doubles ($149)/15 exec ($179 - includes snacks/cont breakfast /3 kings. (room list to MJ on 11/5)

13tammy - Reilly (exec), Russell (exec), Muhle (exec), Vogel (exec), Vogel, Vogel, Armour (exec), Kadel (exec), Marcoso (exec), Golob (exec), Rodgers/Snider - 8 exec, 3 dbl - 11 total

13Mal: Roseberry, Cormaney, Elarton (exec), Elarton, Smith, Calderon, Liles, Weigang - 7 dbl/1 exec - 8 total

15Kirk - Vigil (king), vigil (exec), Wright (exec), Lorenz, Pallazo (wait ex), Buso (king), Buso (exec), Aigner (wait ex), Morland, Pinell, Wilson, Kwiat..., Copley (exec), Copley - 8 D/4 Exec/2 king - 14

14Gail - Panter, Phillips, Rekar, Vanduyne (+studer), Anderson (exec), Carey, Major (exec), Hajewski, Heimlicher, Leonard - 8D/2 exec - 10 total

Coaches: Tammy/Allegra; Bri/Katie; Mal/Kirk; Gail/Bro; bus driver - king - 4 dbl, 1 king - 5 total

Crossroads Qualifier - Denver
13/14/15's - all
Mar 9-11

Hotel: We will secure rooms downtown (walking distance) - but you DO NOT need to stay in a hotel.  We do ask if you are staying in a hotel - you book through us - but will need to be 3 nights - and you cannot cancel after you book with us. (+2cva)

13 Tammy - Armour - 1

13Mal - Liles,  Cormaney, Elarton, Calderon  - 4

14Elsa - Nott, C Johnson, Roshek, Roshek  - 4

14Gail - Leonard, Studer (em), Duy/major  - 3

15Kirk - Copely (king), Wilson, Morland, Aigner (westin/embassy only), Lorenz  - 5

15Sherri - Greek (HGI), Hyland, Rice (HGI/Hyatt) - 3

Coaches; Bill/Judy (king), Tammy (king - 1/2), Mal/Kevin, Elsa/Gail; Sherri/Katie/Bro - 5

CVA - 2   -   27 total

no - Kirk, Matt, Candace, Bailee, Allegra, Bri

Crossroads Qualifier - Denver
16/17/18's - all
Mar 15-17

Hotel: We will secure rooms downtown (walking distance) - but you DO NOT need to stay in a hotel.  We do ask if you are staying in a hotel - you book through us - but will need to be 3 nights - and you cannot cancel after you book with us.

17Kevin: Davis A, Hollis, Davis C - 3 total

17Matt - Weathers/Bee, Weathers/Bee, McKim - 3 total

18Kevin: none

18Malia: Wolverton, Tidwell, Spitzer - 3

16Shannon : Simpson, Dunn, gomex, kinney, denise krug  - 5

16Ashley: Johnson, Lambos - 2

Coaches: Bill/Judy (king); Kevin - king; Elsa/Shannon; Malia/Kara;  - 4

cva - 3  duke- 2

25 total

No - Matt, Chris, Trevor, Ashley, Sarah, Craig



Pacific Northwest  - Spokane
Mar 22-24 (need to return on the 25th due to flight availability)

Hotel: Doubletree Convention Center - attached to venue; hotel offers a round trip shuttle for $15.  No need for rental vehicles.
$163 plus taxes --

17Kevin : Mejia, Davis A, Davis C, Hollis, King, Goodman, Mallory, Borgerding, Reink...., Jeffries (+Sami) - 10

15Sherri - all 11 families 1 room, additional room for greek w - sun (and greek room arrive wed)- 12

Coaches: Kevin/Trevor, Sherri/Bailee - 2

Air:  35 seats on United (reduce/cnx by dec 20; final feb 10) (carry on bag is free, checked bags are $30 each way) -- LKH3GY, LDZNHX
21 Mar - 7:05pm - arrive 8:29pm
25 Mar - 6:31am - arrive 9:48am  (United 1729)

17Kevin: Reink..., Campion, Marshall, Davis C, King, Goodman, Borgerding, Davis A - 8   (no Hollis, Mejia, Mallory)

15Sherri -  Anders, Cranford, Kahns, Dowd, Pollard, Rice, White, Pulling, Seliskar, Hyland - 10 (no  greek)

Caoches: Kevin, Trevor, Sherri, Bailee

Limited parent seats: $280 (does not include hotel shuttle) : Brenda Pulling, Anna Kahns, Joe Davis, Patricia Hyland, Kelly Keyes, Deborah Rice,  Amelia Reinkensmeyer, Michelle Seliskar, Ken Davis, Julie Borgerding, Laura Jeffries, Ann Cranford, Marty Anders  - FULL

Southern California Qualifier - held in Las Vegas
Apr 6-8

Hotel : Mandalay Bay (hotel and convention center (venue) same property) - 25 rooms we are holding
$185/night plus tax +resort fee (usually $35+ night) +$10 night booking fee - that will be added to your club fees

17Matt - Wilson, Marx, Lopez/mcmoore, mullens, mckim, mckim, dillon, zehnder, olson, meehan, plant, weathers/bee - 12

16Shannon - Anthony, Booth, Gomez, Kadel,  Kinney, Simpson, Simpson, Vezzani, Winkelman, Wisneski - 10 (no dunn)

Coaches: Judy/Shannon; Chris/Matt - 2


35 seats, SWA 05 April    DEN/LAS     410P/505P - parent seats available on this flight - Julianne Kadel, Darrin Kadel, Rylie Kadel, Carolyn Barnett,  Serena Simpson, Ricky Simpson, Kelly Dillon  -- one way only ($143) - 3 available
22 seats, SWA 8 April  LAS/DEN   8:40p/1120P
RT Parent seats : $255 round trip -- Keisha Booth, Catherine Wisneski, Angelina Mullens, Robrandon Bee, Susan Plant, Chris Plant, Bridget Marx - FULL

Parents can still buy one way out TO vegas on the group flight/travel page - and then go buy their own return on SWA web site.

17Matt - Weathers, Meehan, Olson, Dillon, Mullens, Mcmoore, marx, wilson, plant - 9 (no mckim, zehnder)

16Shannon - Gomez, Booth, Wisneski, Simpson - 4 (no vezzani, Dunn, Winkelman, Kinney, Kadel, Anthony)

Coaches: Matt, Shannon, Chris , Judy, Bill

Return flight:
Matt, Chris, 4 16Shannon, 9 17Matt,

Judy return to COS done, Bill flight to Reno done, got Shannon return air,

Northeast Qualifier - Philadelphia
Apr 13-15

Hotel: 112303 AES resv number
Loews Philadelphia (2 blocks from venue)
1200 Market Street
20 rooms - all booked

$164/Plus tax
$5 room booking fee - charged 11/12 to your card
$10/per room night agent fee - will add to your club dues
Can cancel up to 8 days prior

13Tammy - all want rooms except marcoso, kadel two room - 10

13Mal - Gish, Roseberry, Cormaney + linda, Elarton, Smith, Calderon, Liles, Higgs - 8 (no stevens)

Coaches; Tammy/Allegra/katie; Mal (king) - 2

Air: 35 seats
12 April  SWA  Den/Phl   1240p/6:20p
15 April  SWA  Phl/Midway   700p/835p; Midway/Den   950p/1125p

Parent seats: $359 - Shelby Unseth, Sarah Reilly, Tracie Cormaney, Travis Cormaney, Laurie Elarton, Sharis Gish, Niki Liles, Staci Calderon, Brenda Roseberry, elizabeth Golob, Kim Rodgers, Armour  --  4 more available

13Tammy - Armour, Reilly, Kadel, Golob, Rodgers, Snider (no Vogel, Marcoso/Russell/Muhle) -  + Tammy/Allegra - 8

13Mal - Liles, Higgs, Wiegang, Calderon, Smith, Elarton, Cormaney, Roseberry, Gish (no Stevens) -  + Mal/Katie - 11

Far Westerns Qualifier - Reno
14E/14G +Bill also going
Apr 13-15

Hotel: TBD - tentatively requested Atlantis - attached to venue - pricey after resort fee

14Elsa - Kisting, Cranford, Van Wyk, Johnson J, Woodring, Johnson C, Nott, Roshek, Clancy, Sokol, sokol (king)  - 11

14Gail - Panter, Phillips, Rekar, Vanduyne (+studer), Anderson, Carey, Major, Hajewski, Heimlicher,Leonard - 10

Coaches: Elsa/Candace; Gail/Bro; Bill - king - 3

Air: 35 seats
SWA 12 April  den/rno   820a/945a
SWA 15  April ren/las  635p/750p; las/den  840p/1120p

Parent seats: $347 - Jessica Anderson, Vicki VanDuyne, Michelle Major, John Hajewski, Khrysti Hajewski, Katharine Leonard, Elizabeth Panter, Gwen Clancy,  Andrew Van Wyk, Diane Rekar, Chandra Frazier, Scott Roshek, Phillips, Kyle Cox, Katie Dotson, Deena Woodring,     1 more available

14Elsa - Roshek, Nott, Woodring, VanWyk, clancy, Johnson J - 6 - (no  kisting, johnson c, cranford, sokol)

14Gail - Anderson,  Duy..., Hajewski, Leonard, Panter, Phillips, Rekar, Studer, Vanduyne - 9 (no Carey/Heimlicher)

Coaches: Elsa, Gail, Bro, - 3 ,

Candace done...on united home at 4:10pm

[bill flying on own air itinerary from vegas - to reno -- done, matched with group flight on return -- done]

Northeast Qualifier - Philadelphia
Apr 19-21

Hotel: 112301 AES resv 

Marriott - downtown - 26 rooms - 2 blocks from venue - all booked
$152/night + tax
+$5 per room AES booking fee - charged 11/12
+$10 per night charged to club (will add to your overall fees) - travel agent fee for early booking
Can cancel up to 8 days prior

17Kevin - Reinkensmeyer, Hollis, Campion, Davis C, Davis C, Mejia, King, Mallory, Borgerding, Davis A,
player room Kealey/Libby G - $287 each due to club before trip

17Matt - Dillon (king), Dillon, Zehnder, Olson, Meehan, Plant, Bee/weathers , mckim, mckim, mullens,  marx, wilson, mcmoore - 13

coaches: Matt/Chris, Kevin/Trevor - 2

Air: 27 seats

18 April AA  den/phl  1105a/447p
21 April AA  phl/den  555p/8:18p

Parent seats: $415 -- Clayton Mullens, Ken Davis, Sarah Davis, Jeff Reinkensmeyer, Dorothy Bee, Bridget Marx, Susan Plant

17Kevin: Davis C, Marshall, Reink..., Davis A, Borgerding, Goodman, King - 7 (no Mallory, Hollis, Mejia, Campion)

17matt - Mullens, mcmoore, marx, wilson, weathers, meehan, olson, dillon, plant - 9 (no zehnder, mckim, )

Coaches: Kevin, Trevor, Matt, Chris -4

Far Westerns Qualifier - Reno
Apr 26-28

Hotel: TBD -  tentatively requested Atlantis - attached to venue - pricey after resort fee (all reno hotels charge a resort fee, btw)

Coaches: Sherri - King; Kirk - King; Bailee/Bri  - 3  (unless a parent wants to share with a coach - share the cost)

15Kirk - Buso (king +), Vigil (king), Vigil, Copely (king), Copely, Kwiat...., Wright, Wilson, Pinell, Morland, Aigner, Pallazo, Lorenz - 13
Nelson TBD?

15Sherri - 11 rooms - one for each - 11

Air: 35 seats - (carry on bag is free, checked bags are $30 each way) - this is a change from original booking
two locators - LB81Y2 (25 seats); K26650 (8 seats)

Note: Bri and Bailee are returning at 4:10pm on april 28th - locator CB4F6W (lands at 7:20p)

25 April  UA  den/rno   1:35p/2:54p
29  April UA  rno/den   6:48a/10:00a

Parent seats:  John Wright, Cynthia Wright, Brenda Pulling, Anna Kahns, Chris Morland, Shawn Morland, Julie Lorenz, Catherine Greek, Deb Rice, Melissa Wilson, Cortney Copley, David Copley, Larissa Buso, Mike Buso - 1 seat available $344

15Kirk -  8 players (no Kwiatkowski, Nelson, Aigner, vigil)

15Sherri - 8 players want seats on the group  (no Anders, Hyland, Dowd)

coaches: Sherri, Bailee, Kirk, Bri - 4

Northern Lights Qualifier - Minneapolis
Apr 26-28

Hotel: Hilton Hotel  1001 Marquette Ave  612-376-1000  $160 + 13.4% taxes (room list due 1/24) Jan 24th 1st night will be charged - 23 total

16Shannon - Simpson, Vezzani, Winkelman, Wisneski, Anthony, Booth, Dunn, Gomez, Kadel, Kinney - 10

16Ashley - Lambos, Waltz, Anderson, Majka, Davis , Johnson, Michaelson , KIm, Little, Della Rossa, Peeples - 11

Coaches: Shannon/Judy, Ashley/Sarah - 2

Air : 25 seats

25 April  SWA  Den/MSP   105p/405p
28 April  SWA  MSP/DEN  1040p/1145p

Parent seats:   $399 - Keisha Booth, Malgorzata Lambos, David Peeples, Catherine Wisneski, Deborah Waltz, Greg Waltz, Majka   - 3 more available

16Shannon - Booth, Gomez, Simpson, Wisneski - 4 (no - Vezzani, Dunn, Kinney, anthony, Winkelman, Kadel)

16Ashley - Lambos, Waltz, Anderson, Majka, Davis, Johnson, Peeples, Michaelson - 8 (no della rossa, kim, little)

Krug, Peer, Vang, 3

Ashley air done, later arrival, back with group

USA Junior Nationals 18s
Apr 26-28
Dallas, TX
18K +Bill/18M

Hotel: TBD -  we are a lottery club - so will get these soonest - and likely walking distance

18Kevin: Feek, Sciacca, Bartalo, Jackson, Larson, Larson, Lane, Phillips, Thomason (king), Thomason, Dillon (king), Dillon (king), Dang, Heimlicher - 11 dbl/3 king - 14 total

18Malia: Tidwell. Spitzer, Horton, Buckley, Putnicki, Ellis +grace, Wolverton, cid, Petty - 9

Coaches: Malia/Kara, Kevin/Bill - 2

Air:  remember this IS included in your fees - 35 seats

25 April  SWA  den/dal   1:40p/4:35p
28 April  SWA  Dal/den  930p/1030p

Parent seats: $254 - Lara Lane, Kelly Dillon, Mike Dillon, Tidwell x3, Chris Crawford, Julie Crawford, Tony Sciacca, Kathy Sciacca,   - 3 available

18Kevin - 10 players - no trinity nguyen - 10

18Malia: Wolverton, Wilkinson, Ellis, Putnicki, Tidwell, Spitzer, Horton, Buckley - 8 (no Petty, Hayden, Cid)

Coaches: Kevin, Bill, Malia, Kara - 4


USA Junior Nationals
June 24-Jul 3
Indianapolis, IN

DATES OF COMPETITION VARY, listed below (ideally, arrive by 4pm day before)

Patriot division as a minimum - 17k/17m/16s/16a/15s/15k/14e

Hotel: We are a lottery club - so will book these in Oct/Nov - so be thinking now if you plan to need a room or not - we can only book x number of rooms early - second room requests will come later - IF we can get them

Air: this is on your own to get to/from Indianapolis

June 27-30 -- 14Elsa - Roshek, Roshek,  Nott, Johnson c, Woodring, Johnson J, van Wyk, Cranford (extend to 15's), Kisting, Clancy, Sokol - 11

June 27-30 -- 14Gail - all 11 players 1 room, Panter (2 rooms)

Jun 28-Jul 1 -- 15Kirk - Copely (king), copely, Kwiatkowski, Wilson, Pinell, MOrland, Aigner, 'Vigil (king), Vigil, Wright, Lorenz, Pallazo, Buso (king ) - 10D/3 K

Jun 28-Jul 1 -- 15Sherri - All 11 families (craford with Elsa extended), 2 for kahns and anders - 12

Jul 1-Jul 3 --13tammy - Reilly (2), Russell (2), Muhle (2), Vogel (2), Armour, Kadel (extend with 16S), Snider, Golob, Marcoso - 13 (no Rodgers)

Jul 1-Jul 3 -- 13mal - did not provide - will assume 1 per family

July 2-5 -- 17Kevin - Mejia, King, Mallory, Borgerding, Davis A, Davis C, Davis C, Reink..., Hollis, Campion, Jeffries - 11 (Libby
G staying with H Dillon)

July 2-5 -- 17matt - bee, plant, meehan, olson, zehnder, dillon (king), dillon (+libby g), mckim, mckim, mullens, mcmoore, marx, marx, wilson, wilson - 15

July 3-6 -- 16Shannon - Anthony, Booth, Dunn, Gomez,Kinney, Simpson, Vezzani, Winkelman, Wisneski, Wisneski - 10

July 3-6 -- 16Ashley - all 11 families


Travel Parent:

18Kevin -- Stefanie Feek, stefaniefeek@gmail.com
18Malia -- Julie Crawford, jbuckley.coxe@yahoo.com
17Kevin -- Janet Davis, jjcadavis@gmail.com
17Matt -- Angelina Mullens, angelinamullens@gmail.com

16Shannon -- Melanie Vezzani, melanievezzani@msn.com
16Ashley -- Margaret Lambos, mglambos@gmail.com
15Sherri -- Brenda Pulling, coachbrenda@comcast.net
15Kirk -- Cindy Wright, cindywright8083@gmail.com

14Elsa -- Gwen Clancy, mclancy70@gmail.com
14Gail -- Jessica Anderson, natejessanderson@yahoo.com
13Tammy -- Sarah Reilly, sarahlively8@hotmail.com
13Mal -- Tracy Cormaney, tracie.cormaney@asd20.org