2018 Travel

All trips, for all of the teams below. If you notice a discrepancy in YOUR plans ----
please contact your travel mom to get it straightened out never call a hotel or airline directly
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE SURE your requests are correct BELOW!
IF - Contracted seats cannot be filled - all the players NOT on the group flight will split the cost of the unfilled seat deposits. Mainly an issue for chicago, minn2 and reno 1/2 it appears.


USAV required Club TravelPolicy   | Parent Travel Payment Form

Nashville, TN
Music City

Feb 1-4

Southwest airlines, 40 seats -- Feb 1st 12:25pm depart, lands 3:50pm -- returns 7pm, land 8:55pm (name list due Dec 16th) --
17 parent seats FULL:  Amy Hand, Martha Hughes, John Williammee, Shalea Hardison, Jill Haberland, John Haberland, Sandra Novak, Charla Eiken, Kenneth Eiken, Greg Layman, Maureen Layman, John McGann,  Anne McGann, Dawn Hildenbrand, Dave Hand, Bonnie Wicks, Allan Wicks

Players and coaches: Sherri Hawkins, Michelle Chatman,  Molly Stowers, Ashley Hand, Avery Hughes, Sarah Williammee,  Rachel Siurek , Sam novak, Kate Menz, Victoria Lambos, Taylor Hicken, Mara Abernethy, all 11 malia players  (23)

Not on group - Cummings, thibadeau

Hotel - TBD - 24 total

18Sherri - All sherri families, +Hand (king) - 12
18Malia - Wolverton, Shelley, Shelley, McGann, Layman, Eiken, Heimlicher, Hildenbrand, Hardison, Haberland, Mullen - 11
Coaches: Malia/Molly; Michelle/Sherri - 2

2 vans with Enterprise

Malia Sagiao  later departure - on SWA , purchased

Omaha, Neb
Feb 16-19, 2018
13T, 13M, 14J, 15K

Hilton Omaha - 30 DD $146 and 20 DD $176 (execs (15))

Mal/Phil, Kirk (king), Jessen - exec (we pay half of regular room/studer), Tammy/kristen, Allegra/Tek, 2 drivers (can be kings)- 7

15Kirk -
Lambos (exec), King (exec), Ervin (exec), Ervin, Little (exec), Boushell (exec), Waltz (exec), Peeples (exec), Butler (exec), Vandenbark (exec), Delich - 10

13Mal - Bryant (exec), Roshek, Nott, German, Duytschaever, Phillips, Heimlicher, Strawser - 8

14Jessen - Aigner (exec), Buso (exec), Buso, Osborne (exec), Butler (exec), Wright, Kwiatkowski, Stege, Pinell, Cacciato - 10

13Tammy - Clancy, Wittren, Anderson, Kadel, Panter, Johnson, Swartz, Woodring - 8

ALL players required to ride bus to Omaha (quote requested sept 14th) -- may arrange with coach to return with parents (not on bus), no earlier than 5pm for flights home

Bus seats for parents $140 (8 available (7)): David Peeples, Darrin Kadel, Ruth German, Gwen Clancy, Christine Stege, Lambos, Nott*

Coaches on bus: Malcolm, Phil, Tammy, Jessen, Allegra, Kirk - 6
Late flights - Kristen and Tek - swa flight 762, departs denver 8:10pm, arrives 10:35pm  - hotel has a comp shuttle from the airport

Salt Lake City
Feb 16-19, 2018
17's (am wave play) +Bill w Bri, 16's (pm wave), 15Shannon (pm wave), 14Matt (pm wave)

Hotel: Hampton Inn by Hilton - Downtown Salt Lake City
425 South 300 West
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
P: 801-741-1110
$124 per night plus taxes,  includes breakfast

60 doubles, 10 kings with sofa sleeper

Judy/Bill (king), Kevin/Steven, Bri/Ashley, Kara/Shannon, Matt (king), Emily/Becca/Candace - 6

Anders, Pollard, Kahns, Kahns, Gilardi-Pittard, Rice, Hyland, Pulling, Palazzo, Greek - 10
Mejia, Davis a, Russ, Campion, Hollis, McIntosh, tidwell, davisC  - 8
17Kevin :
Bartalo, Nguyen (arrive 2/15), Jackson, Larson, Lane, Sciacca (king), Sherman, Phillips, Dillon (king), Dillon, Feek - 11
17Bri :
Cid, Ott, Shaw, Putnicki, Spitzer, Vercautern, Zecchino,  - 7
Mullens, Sobota, Mark Olson, Wang, Wilson, Renkensmeyer, Mallory, Martensen - 8
15shannon -
Della Rossa, Gamble, Dunn (king), Hardt, Kadel,Randall, Simpson, Vezzani , d krug (king)- 9

Player room: Ellis/Horton - 1

AIR: (names required Dec 16th -- will reduce United #s by Nov 15th)

Option A. 44 seats United #773 departs 11:16am, lands 12:49pm  -- return #5832 leaves 7:40pm, lands 9:07pm

Judy Peer, Bill Peer, Matt, Bledig, Steven Menegus, Kevin Marquis, Shannon Krug, Ashley Phelps,  Emily Broerman, Kara Smith, Becca Mau, Marty Anders, Kristen Anders,  Stevie Vigil, Brooke Hyland, Alycia Linder, Brooklyn Gamble, Grace Wilkinson, Kaylee Mejia,  Anna Davis, Grace McIntosh, Cassie Davis , Patricia Hyland, Janet Davis,  Zoe Olson, Angel Wang, Gabby Wilson, Shauna Graham, Jackie Martensen, Barbara Della Rossa, Elaina Della Rossa, Kinley Gomez, Brooke Galardi, Georgia Galardi-Pittard, Carol Joslin, Mark Olson,  (34)

Option B. FULL -40 seats
Southwest #1041 outbound, 3:40pm, lands 5:10pm --
Delta return 5:15pm, lands 6:50pm

Debbie Rice, Allie Rice, Kathleen Sciacca, Mckenna Sciacca, Traci Bartalo, Gianna Bartalo, Mandy Vercauteren, Brooke Vercauteren, Leah Kahns, Rachel Greek,  Rylan Pollard, Ellie Palazzo, Breklyn Pulling, Sam Meehan, Catherine Greek, Caroline Reinkensmeyer, Courtney Lane, Stephanie Feek, Addie Feek , Matthew Lane, Amelia Reinkensmeyer, Courtney Wisneski, Cate Wisneski , Carlyn Barnett, Trinity Jackson, Ashley Larson, Katie Sherman, Raegen Phillips, Hayley dillon, Claudia Dillon, Emily Ellis, Riley Putnicki, Savannah Spitzer, Faith Horton, Gabby Zecchino, Taylor Buckley, Angelina Mullens, Shea Mullens, Tatum Hardt  (39)

Parent Seats  = $360
Wait list: not started yet

Not on group flight: Tidwell, Russ, Campion, Hollis, Borgerding, Nguyen, Hayden, Cid, Ott, Shaw, Cid, Dunn, Kadel, Randall, Simpson, Vezzani, Sobota, Zehnder,

Bri & Candace= 10:05pm Frontier #571 (arrive 11:37pm); return 8:40pm Delta #2450 (arrive 10:14pm)

Mar 10-12

Hotel TBD - downtown - three night stay required - 25 total - NONE can be cancelled after we book
Also - let your travel mom know if any of these can be king rooms

Coaches: Matt/Mal, Bill/Judy (king), Jessen (we pay half),  Tek/Shannon/Emily  - 4 - Kevin (maybe)
14Matt - Vigil, Rice, Hyland - 3
13Mal - Roshek, Nott, Bryant, German, Duy...., Phillips - 6
14Jessen - Pinell, Osborne, Aigner - 3
13Tammy - Clancy - 1
15Kirk - Lambos, Boushell, Waltz, - 3
15Shannon -Dunn (king if sofa), Gamble, Gomez, Simpson, D Krug (king) - 5

Tammy, kirk, phil, kristen, Allegra, becca  = no hotel

Mar 16-18

Hotel TBD - downtown - three night stay required - only using 16 right now - must book 24
We need to book 7 more rooms between the teams to get accepted to this event - please let us know if you can use one, know anyone that could use one, or ask you college coach if he/she wants to book one with us!

Coaches: Sherri/Michelle, Judy/Bill (king), Malia/Molly, Kevin/Steven, Kara - 5  (Matt - possibly w Bri)
16Kara - Davis, A; Hollis; McIntosh; Davis, C, Russ - 5
17kevin - none
17Bri - horton/cid, Spitzer - 2
18Sherri - none
18Malia - Wolverton, Shelley, McGann - 3
16Ashley - Martensen - 1

College Coaches: Wichita State,

No hotel = ashley, candace, fran - only get this if we book enough rooms.....not looking good

Spokane Qualifier
Mar 23-25
15Shannon & 17Kevin (+judy or bill)

Mar 22nd -- Southwest (25 seats) departs 8:20am  ( 1 stop, arrives 1:05pm)
Mar 26th -- Southwest (20 seats) departs 5:45am (8:55am)

Player/Coach Group: claudia dillon, adelaine feek, trinity jackson, courtney lane, ashley larson, raegan phillips, mckenna sciacca, kira cid, brooklynn gamble, tatum hardt, kinley gomez, elaina della rossa,  KRUG, MARQUIS, PEER, MAU,  (cate and courtney Wisneski outbound only)
RETURN: marquis, peer, allton (NEED TO CHANGE TO MAU ) on Alaska Air

Parent seats : Kelly Dillon, Stephanie Feek, Lara Lane, Joi Phillips, sciacca, Veronica Cid, Alycia Linder (Wisneski outbound only)

not on group: Sherman, Nguyen,  Bartalo, Dunn, Kadel, Randall, Simpson, Vezzani,  (for now)

Hotel: 23 double rooms $159+taxes
Spokane Doubletree - Convention Center attached
Hotel has an airport shuttle - players covered if on group flight, parents will cost $15 paid directly to hotel for round trip

17Kevin - Feek, Bartalo, Phillips, Sciacca, Sherman, Nguyen, Lane, Larson, Jackson, Dillon - 10
15Shannon - Cid, Dunn, Gamble, Gomez, Hardt, Kadel, Randall, Simpson, Vezzani, Wisneski - 10

Coaches: Shannon/Judy/Becca, Kevin - 2

Chicago Qualifier
Mar 30- Apr 1
14Matt, 17Bri +Bill, 16Kara

AIR: Southwest -- 3 itineraries in/out Midway Airport -- parent seats $370 -- 9 still available on option A

Option A (20 seats )
29 Mar 9:40am/12:55pm
1 Apr 7:55pm/9:35pm

Marty Anders, Kristen Anders, Bill Peer, Patricia Hyland, Brooke Hyland , Judy Peer, Grace Wilkinson, Kaylee Mejia, Libby Borgerding, Charlie Tidwell, Grace McIntosh, Cassie Davis, Anna Davis, Joe Davis  (14)

Option B (20 seats) - could take one more person here 
29 Mar 11:50am/3:05pm
1 Apr 6:45pm/8:20pm

Anna Kahns, Leah Kahns, Rebecca Shaw, Morgan Shaw, Debbie Rice, Allie Rice, Jeff Greek, Rachel Greek, Brenda Pulling, Breklyn Pulling, Kelly Dillon, Hayley Dillon, Brooke Vercauteren,  Gabby Zecchino, Ellie Palazzo , Georgia Pittard, Brooke Galardi, ( (17)

Option C (10 seats) - FULL
29 Mar 2:20pm /5:35pm
1 Apr 9:20pm/10:55pm

Kara Smith, Matt Bledig, Emily Broerman, Brianne Vande Griend, Kaitlyn Cid, Emily Ellis, Faith Horton, Veronica Cid, Savannah Spitzer, Taylor Buckley  (10)

NOT on group flight - Vigil, Pollard, Russ, Campion, Hollis, Hayden, Ott, Putnicki - will all split the 5 deposits we overbooked on, come out of your credit

Hotel : 32 rooms at Springhill Suites downtown
every room additionally has a pullout sofa sleeper; has breakfast included
5.5 miles from venue
410 N Deerborn St
Chicago, IL

Players and coaches will uber/taxi back and forth to the venue.

$135 per night + $23.50 taxes -- 1 night room and tax will be charged jan 5th, 2018

Coaches: Matt/Bill, Bri/Emily, Kara/Judy - 3

14Matt: Anders, Anders (adjoin if poss), Greek (adjoin if possible), Greek, Kahns, Galardi, Rice, Palazzo, Pulling, Hyland - 10
16Kara : Mejia, Borgerding, Davis A, Davis C, Tidwell, Russ, Campion, Dillon, Hollis, McIntosh - 10
17Bri - Cid, Ott, Shaw, Putnicki, Spitzer, Vercauteren, Buckley, Zecchino - 8
Player room: Horton/Ellis - 1

Minneapolis Qualifier
Apr 20-22
13Tammy, 13Mal, 15Shannon (need asst), 15Kirk


19Apr Southwest Air 4:05pm (7pm)
22 Apr Southwest Air 8:20pm (9:30pm)

60 total seats (FULL): Malcolm Grimes, Phil Hildenbrand, Shannon assist, Kirk Rowland, Shannon Krug, Sally Ann Kisting, Sheri Little, Jeff Little, David Peeples, Alycia Linder, Michael Kisting, Nate Anderson, Dorota Swartzendruber, Michelle Major, Scott Bryant, Ashley Bryant, Ruth German, Karen Delich, David Strawser, Stacy Roshek, Gwen Clancy, Vikki VanDuyne, Elizabeth Panter, Christina Phillips; +10 15kirk players (no vandenbark); +10 13Mal players; + 8 13Tammy players (no kadel/johnson); +8 15Shannon players (no Kadel, Randall,Vezzani)

Parent Seat $300 - WAIT LIST:  Barbara Della Rossa, Veronica Cid

Late flights needed:
Tammy  Shotkoski, Kristen Sciacca, Lauren Tekavec

Hotel TBD
Coaches: Mal/Phil; Kirk; Shannon/tbd; Tammy/Kristen/Tek - 4

15Kirk -
Lambos, King, Boushell, Little, Peeples, Butler, Vandenbark - 7
13Mal -
Roshek+Miller, Bryant, German, Duy...., Phillips, Heimlicher, Strawser - 7
13Tammy -
Clancy, Wittren, Anderson, Van Wyk,  Panter, Johnson, Swartz, Woodring - 8
15Shannon -
Cid, Della Rossa, Dunn, Gamble, Hardt, Kadel, Randall, Simpson, Vezzani, Wisneski - 10

Player room: Studer/Nott -1

Not on group flight :  Vandenbark, Regan Kadel, Johnson, Rylie Kadel, Randall, Vezzani

Reno Qualifier
Apr 21-23
14Matt & 14Jessen

2 vans with Budget

20 Apr Southwest 8:20am (9:35am)
23 Apr Southwest 6:05pm (11:40pm)

40 total seats -- Parent seat $320 - 39 (1 left): Matthew Bledig, Emily Broerman, Jessen Miller, Allegra Shippy, Brenda Pulling, Deborah Rice, Jeff Greek, Anna Kahns, Marty Anders, Patricia Hyland, Danielle Osborne, Christine Stege, Charles Aigner, Christy Palazzo, Brooke Galardi, John Kwiatkowski, Charles Pinell, John Wright, Cynthia Wright,

14matt - all 10 players
14Jessen - all 10 players

Hotel TBD - will try to get all non-smoking rooms - 17 total
Coaches: Matt, Emily/Jessen/Allegra - 2

14matt - Anders, Greek, Kahns, Galardi, Rice, Palazzo, Pulling, Hyland - (8)
14Jessen - Aigner, Osborne, Butler, Wright, Stege, Pinell, Cacciato, Kwiatkowski (8)

Reno Qualifier
Apr 27-29
16Kara & 16Ashley

2 vans with Budget

40 total seats -- parent seat $425 (12 available) ; Kara Smith, Judith Peer, Ashley Phelps, Betsy Russ, Mackenzie Russ, Shannon Hartnett, Faith Zehnder, Grace Wilkinson, Kaylee Mejia, Libby Borgerding, Anna Davis, Charlie Tidwell, Hayley Dillon, Grace McIntosh, Cassie Davis, Janet Davis, Angelina Mullens, Shea Mullens, Sophia Sobota, Zoe Olson, Angel Wang, Sam Meehan, Gabby Wilson, Caroline Reinkensmeyer, Shauna Graham, Jackie Martensen, Amelia Reinkensmeyer, Carol Joslin  (28)

Need late flight for Candace Zane - may not be able to accommodate

26 Apr Southwest 8:20am (9:35am)
29 Apr Southwest 7pm (12:55am)

Not on group flight: Campion, Hollis, Mallory - will get less credit due to depositing on your seat - FYI

Hotel TBD - 21 total
Coaches - Kara/Judy; Ashley/Candace - 2
16Kara: Mejia, Borgerding, Russ, Campion, Dillon, Hollis, McIntosh, Davis C, Davis A - 9
16Ashley - Mullens, Sobota, La sheryl Olson, Wang, Meehan, Wilson, Reinkensmeyer, Mallory, Zehnder, Martensen - 10

Minneapolis Qualifier
Apr 27-29
17Kevin & 17Bri +TBD

26 Apr Southwest Air 4:05pm (7pm)
29 Apr Southwest Air 8:20pm (9:30pm)

35 total seats -- Parent Seat $295, 15 available (8): Kevin Marquis, TBD 17B asst, Mary Sherman, Robert Phillips, Stephanie Feek, Kathleen Sciacca, Matthew Lane, Rebecca Shaw, Mandy Vercauteren,  Veronica Cid (28)

9 from 17Kevin (but Nguyen)
9 from 17Bri (but Ott/Hayden)

Late flights for Steven and Bri - need to purchase

NO air - Nguyen, Hayden, Ott

Hotel TBD - need 22 rooms

17Kevin - Bartalo, Nguyen, Sciacca (king), Phillps, Dillon, Sherman, Feek, Lane, Larson, Jackson - 10
17Bri - Cid, Ott, Ellis, Shaw, Putnicki, Vercauteren, Zecchino, Buckley, Coxe - 9
Player room - Spitzer/Horton - 1
Coaches: Kevin/Steven, Bri/TBD - 2

USA Junior Nationals 18s
April 27-29
Anaheim, CA

26 Apr Southwest 9:35am (10:55am) Orange County
29 Apr Southwest 8:35pm (11:55pm)

34 Seats on Southwest Air -- Sherri Hawkins, Michelle Chatman, Malia Sagiao, Molly Stowers - 4
Parent seats $240 (13 available (5)) : John McGann, Anne McGann, Dawn Hildenbrand, Charla Eiken, Kenneth Eiken, Greg Layman, Maureen Layman

18Sherri - Rachel Siurek, Sam Novak, Kate Menz, Victoria Lambos, Sarah Williammee, Ashley Hand, - 6
18Malia - all 11 players - 11

Not on group: Thibadeau, Hicken, Hughes, Cummings, Abernethy

Hotel TBD - 26 total

18Sherri - All Sherri families - 11
18Malia - all Malia families, plus additional room for Hardison and Shelley - 13
Coaches - sherri/Michelle; Malia/Molly - 2

Malia would like later flight -  we cannot accommodate

Puerto Rico Jr Nationals
June 7-10 play
Travel June 6-11
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sheraton San Juan - next to Convention Center, $175 per night

Group Flight:  Hawkins, Sagiao, Haberland, Hughes, Mullen,
Eiken +family
Heimlicher +family
Hildenbrand +family
Lambos +family
Layman +family
Menz +family
Novak +family
Shelley +family
Williammee +family
Wolverton +family

Going, but extended (NOT on group):  Hand, Hicken, McGann,

NOT going: Abernethy, Siurek, Thibadeau

USA Junior Nationals
June 25-Jul 4
Detroit, MI

17s, 16s, 15s, 14Open

Hotel TBD / Player Air is on your own!

15Kirk - Lambos, Little, Boushell, Vandenbark, Waltz, King, Peeples, Butler, Delich - 9

14matt - anders x2, greek x2, kahns x2, vigil, hyland, palazzo, pulling, rice, galardi - 12

16kara - Wilkinson, Mejia, Davis A, Davis C, Davis C, Davis C, Russ, Campion, McIntosh, Hollis, Borgerding, Tidwell - 12

17Kevin - Feek, Dillon (king), Dillon, Phillips, Sherman, Sciacca, Lane, Larson +1 early, +1 late, Larson +1 early, +1 late,  Larson, Jackson, Bartalo, Nguyen -12

17Bri - Cid, Ott, Ellis, Shaw, Putnicki, Horton/Spitzer (player), Vercauteren, Buckley, Zecchino  - 9

16Ashley - 10 families (no graham) - 19

15Shannon - 11 doubles (randall x2, no della rossa), plus d krug king - 12

13Mal - 9 rooms (no studer)
14Jessen - 9 rooms (no nelson)
13Tammy - 11 rooms (2 for panter), kadel attached with 15shannon

Canada is close and has some nice eating options - bring you passport if you have one to go across , if you wish.


2018 Team Travel Parents:

18Sherri - Amy Hand
18Malia - Shalea Hardison

17Kevin - Stephanie Feek
17Bri - Julie Crawford

16Kara - Janet Davis
16Ashley - Angelina Mullens

15Shannon - Melanie Vezzani
15Kirk - Jenn Boushell

14Matt - Brenda Pulling
14Jessen - Jamie Butler

13Tammy - Gwen Clancy
13Mal - Jessen Miller