Colorado Juniors
Why Colorado Juniors?

Why Colorado Juniors?

Colorado Juniors Volleyball


About Us

Originally founded in 1999 by Bill and Judy Peer, Colorado Juniors has grown from just two teams into a nationally elite club with countless regional titles, over 165 teams qualified for the USAV Girls National Championships, and four national championship winning teams. Our coaches and staff have a passion for teaching the game and strive to help each athlete learn to love the game more after spending time in our gym. Our club aims to provide a pathway for athletes aspiring to play at the next level. We have proudly helped over 490 athletes succeed in achieving their goal of playing collegiate volleyball, 10 in playing for Team USA, and 1 in winning an Olympic gold medal.

Kevin Marquis, Tammy Shotkoski and Kaleena Davidson currently serve as club directors working to continue the legacy of Colorado Juniors. We offer a variety of programs for athletes ages 5 to 18. 


Our Mission

The mission of Colorado Juniors is to prepare athletes for their “next level”- whether that be making their high school team, playing at the collegiate level or even bigger dreams! We empower our athletes through a competitive and supportive team environment. Colorado Juniors expects its athletes to work to the best of their abilities with integrity, accountability and effectively lead themselves and others to achieve their highest goals.


Colorado Juniors Expectations


Respect for the program, team, and all the individuals that make up the Colorado Juniors Community (athletes, alumni, parents, coaches, directors)

Understand and appreciate the time commitment and effort of other athletes, parents and coaches. Possess the sincere ability to respect your teammates and coaches whether you can relate to them or not. 

Show Effort and Positive attitude

Focus on what you CAN control. Be motivated by an inner desire to improve yourself. Give 100% effort and possess and project a positive attitude. 

Proactive Communication

Understand that effective communication consists of sharing honest feedback and ideas, expressing yourself with non-verbal cues (body language) and at the same time being a good listener!

Be positive, not poisonous. Communicate proactively NOT reactively with your teammates and coaches. In every environment an athlete experiences, they have a choice as to how they look at it, how they talk about it and how they become successful in it.

Be Accountable and Responsible

Be on time! Take ownership of your actions. Have the courage to admit to errors you will inevitably make. Live with the consequences of your choices. 

Stay Development Focused

Focus on the process of hard work and self-improvement over achievements and outcomes. Be patient with your pace of progress.